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We're different from other builders

We offer features and services that are above the norm

We call these our "PROUD DIFFERENCES"

Custom Build You a Home


We at Ashford Homes are committed to excellence. We care about every phase of construction on yournew custom home – about the way doors open and close, about windows that slide easily and quietly, about properly install cabinets and built-ins, about walls and ceilings that are straight and level. Our people are well-trained in this tradition of excellence. Only top-quality brand products and materials you know and trust will be used on your project. It is this insistence on quality that produces our truly fine work. 

Custom Build You an Office Building


We can build for you up to a 5,000 sq. ft. custom office building and save you some hard earned money in the process.


One of the hardest parts of getting any job done, whether it be getting your car fixed or your clothes cleaned - is finding someone you can trust to do it, and do it right. That's what we owe you, our customers - that dependability. You come to us to get the best job possible. Every person that Ashford Homes knows that it's their responsibility to deliver it, every day.

Your project is backed by Ashford Homes’ efficient “Quality Check Program”


Our "Quality Check Program" ensures the quality of your project before, during and after completion 

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