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Aging-In-Place & Handicap living in the safety and comfort of your home is possible with a few needed safety modifications.  

Creating a home that lasts a lifetime!

We can show you ways to stay independent & safe in your home as you age...

Home Modifications
The right solution for your every need...

Our modification experts evaluate your needs, provide smart solutions, and supervise every aspect of the modifications. We provide all the consulting, design, construction services, and products you need to make your home more accessible and convenient. From handicap ramps and door/hallway widening, to accessible kitchens and bathrooms, bedroom and bathroom additions, automatic door openers, low-pile carpet/smooth flooring, easy-access closets, easily operated windows, increased lighting, emergency exits, wheelchair height mailboxes, doorbells, outlets and controls.          


“83% of older Americans want to stay

in their current homes for the rest

of their lives,” but other studies show 

that most homes are not designed

to accommodate  the needs of

people over age 65.

According to the AARP Housing Survey,




Falls of seniors are the most common injury-related accidents to end up in the Hospital Emergency Room


• 66% of all accidents in the home are due to falling


• 1 out of 3 Seniors (33%) over 65 years old will fall at least once this year


• Most Seniors, after a bad fall, never recover 100%


• The bath tub/shower area is the most dangerous area for falls in the home


• Unattended Cooking is the #1 Cause of Household Fires


• Cooking fires are also the leading cause of deaths, with our Senior population being the most at risk


• As we age we need 3 times the lighting we once did...


Most modifications to your home can be made for less than the cost of 2 months stay in an assisted living facility.




Make No Changes

  • More Accidents

  • Live more Dangerously  

  • Need more Assistance

  • Move to Assisted Living Facility Sooner


Make Needed Home Modifications

  • Stay at Home  

  • Prevent Accidents 

  • Live Safer  

  • Live more Independently

  • Live more relaxed

  • Add Value to your Home


Move Directly to Assisted Living Facility

  • Leave Home 

  • New Environment 

  • Less Privacy  

  • Less Freedom

Your Options—as you age...
To stay at home safely or move to Assisted Living Facility
Our work is ADA Approved

All work is ADA approved where possible. Some exceptions may exist due to existing home design. 

Increased Lighting

As we age the eyes need 3 times more light when we become Seniors. Added lighting in the correct locations can greatly improve one's seeing ability and one's safety. 


Once a person becomes over 300 lbs. specially designed modifications are needed for the person's safety. We can help you with these many types of modifications. 

Our Grab Bars come in all sizes, shapes, designs and finishes. They are for all locations: At toilets, in showers and tubs, at ramps, at doorways, in closets, down hallways and many other needed locations.


Safety Grab Bars are our BEST SELLERS for Home Modifications

We can help you explore Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance to pay for needed home modifications, we will help you explore your options and eligibility for low-interest loans or government-funded programs. Contact us at 601-573-7849.

For More Information go HERE

Home Generator
Handicap Workplace Modifications

We design and contract for modifications to offices, churches, schools, libraries, museums, and community centers that allow easier access and greater usability.

Financial Assistance
Speciality Hardware for Accessibility

Door & Cabinet hardware needs to be designed in a manner that is easily operated by those with disabilities, including lever size, projection from the door, etc. 

Anchor 36
Home Natural Gas Generators

Don't  be scared of not having electricity again. When your power goes off the natural gas generator automaticly comes on, providing you with your needed electricty again.

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