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ADA Approved Modifications

"falls are the leading cause (66%) of all non-fatal home injuries".

According to the Home Safety Council,

Bathrooms pose the most fall hazards within the home!

Since moisture is a factor in the bathroom promoting safety from falls on slippery surfaces is of first priority for all members of the family not just those living with a handicap. The most dangerous room in the home is the Bathroom.

Accessible Bathroom Modifications

Correctly installing sturdy safety grab bars in critical areas around the home is at the top of everyone's safety checklist.


We specialize in expertly installing safety grab bars in homes, condominiums, businesses & apartments.


We install safety grab bars the right way!

Top 3 Reasons Seniors Are Buying Our Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs


Pain Relief

The massaging adjustable water jets help ease the symptoms of Arthritis, Inflammation, Muscle Cramps, Circulatory Issues, Back Problems & Osteoarthritis 



Feel safe again, no more worries of slipping or falling in the bathroom



Stay active & independent in your own home. No need to call on family members or caregivers to help you take a bath


Imagine yourself in your New Walk-In Tub!

Relax & bathe safely in your home again...

Walk-In Tubs
Walk In Tubs
Walk In Showers
Walk-In / Roll-In Showers

We can custom build and install ceramic tile roll-in showers or install prefabricated shower stalls. We can utilize anti-slip resistant tile (preferably 2"x2"), hand-held shower head with anti-scald guard valve, and lever handle.


Usually we can fit you a New Walk-In / Roll/In Shower in the same space where your existing tub is now located

Safeway Safety Step

Modify your existing tub


The Safeway Step® is a product and installation method designed to provide an economical renovation option for individuals and facilities interested in easier access into the bathtub area. The Safeway Step® can be used to retrofit your bath tub into a walk in shower. Installation of the Safeway Step® includes cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Safeway Step®. The Safeway Step® can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including - fiberglass, steel or even cast iron!


We are an Authorized Dealer/Installer

Anti-Slip Tub Bottoms & Ceramic Floors

Say goodbye to slippery... 


Slips and falls are the #1 cause of injury in the home 


#1 injury-related accidents to end up in the Hospital Emergency Room 


1 out of 3 Seniors (33%) will fall at least once this year 


The bath tub/shower area is the most dangerous area for falls in the home 


Most Seniors, after a bad fall, never recover 100% 


The average cost of a fall is $12,470 





We can significantly reduce slip & fall injuries... 

We are an Authorized Dealer

We are an Authorized Dealer

Safeway Safety Step

Safeway Safety Step

We Install  Walk-In Tubs

We Install Walk-In Tubs

We Sell & Install Grab Bars Right!

We Sell & Install Grab Bars Right!

Secure Mount Grab Bar System

Secure Mount Grab Bar System

Handicap / Hi-Rise Toilets

Handicap / Hi-Rise Toilets

Super Poles with Super Bars

Super Poles with Super Bars

Swing-out Grab Bars

Swing-out Grab Bars

We Sell & Install Walk-in Tubs

We Sell & Install Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Wali-in / Roll-in Showers

Wali-in / Roll-in Showers

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Handicap / Hi-Rise Toilets

Standard toilets are 15" in height to the top of the toilet seat. Handicap / High-Rise toilets ae 17" in height to the top of the toilet seat. Handicap / Hi-Rise toilets are designed for an elderly person, or someone who needs more assistance in the bathroom.

Widen Doors / Doorways

We can either remove your existing small bathrrom door & replace it with a wider door or with a hidden pocket door.


Another less expensive way to widen a doorway is with a specially designed full access hinge made exclusively for widening existing doors (especially Bathroom Doors).

We install ADA approved curtain rods attached to the ceiling. No more low curatin rods. The track, cutain liner & shower curtain are custom made to fit your specific area. Shower curtains and curtain liners are machine washable.

  • Aluminum tracking

  • Rust-proof

  • Two finishes: Brushed Aluminum / White

  • Glides end-to-end with no stops

  • Mounts flush to the ceiling

  • Made in USA



Shower Curtains / Rods - Ceiling Mounted (ADA Approved)


Custom made to fit your tub, shower or walk-in tub

Lever Faucet Handles

As we age Handles make faucets at sinks & faucets in showers and tubs easier and safer to turn on & off.

Anti Slip Floors
Safeway Safety Step
Shower Seats

Fold-up shower seats fold up out of the way for easier access in tight shower areas. Made of stainless steel and securely mounted to your esisting wall. 

Note: Can not be secured to fiberglass wall panels.

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Shower Seats
Shower Heads

ADA shower heads with safety grab bar attachments add to accessibility and safety in the shower and tub areas. 

Shower Heads
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Custom Toilet Seats (ADA Approved)

Standard Size

Closed Front

Standard Size

Open Front

Bariatric Size

Up to 1200 LBS.

The Custom Seats are great for everyone. They are ideal for people who are larger framed and the Big and Tall / Plus Size consumer. They are perfect for senior citizens and the physically impaired as well as anyone who just wants a more comfortable toilet seat.

This extra wide toilet seat is the best toilet seat for bariatric and geriatric patients. It is a perfect alternative to typical raised toilet seats as well as elongated toilet seats, yet it fits on the average home toilet. No longer worry about a broken toilet seat with our durable, heavy duty plastic design.

Stylish, ergonomic design has a more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet seat on the market.

Engineered tough for long lasting durability and made from high impact ABS that is both stain and chemical resistant

Toilet Seats
Increased Lighting

As we age the eyes need 3 times more light when we become Seniors. Added lighting in the correct locations can greatly improve one's seeing ability and one's safety. 

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