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You have many construction needs around your home or business. Whether they be indoors or outdoors. Check out our many construction services below. You'll be glad you did...


Custom New Homes 

We're different from other builders. We offer features and services that are above the norm. We call these oir "PROUD DIFFERENCES".

Custom New Office Buildings 

We can build for you up to a 5,000 sq. ft. custom office building and save you some hard earned money in the process.


As you age some simple changes or modifications can make your home much more accessible and safer for everyone...

Handicap (ADA)

We specialize in handicap (ADA0 approved modifications to your home or business.


All decorating gets old, dull and out of date over the years. Updating is required to refresh your home or office. Let's talk about what can be done to make you proud again.


When your home or building are just too small for all that you want and need to do and be. Let's work together to add on a room or more sq. footage.


Roof leaks caused by poor installation, age, or storm damage, if not fixed when first spotted, can end up costing a lot extra from the damage that can be done. From rotted decking and damaged sheet rock to possible mold growth. We work on the smallest nail hole leak, to wind and storm damage, to roofing an entire home or building. 


There's always repairs to be made around the home & office. Inside and outside, large and small, easy and complicated.  Our quality service men and sub-contractors can handle them all.  

Bonus Rooms 

A stylish up-to-date new bonus room is a great way to add needed square footage to your existing home. Whether it be over the garage or added on downstairs or the re-design of your existing space.

Shops / Storage Buildings 

Let us solve that storage problem you may be having.. Let us custom 

design & build you a state of the art storage building or shop.

Concrete Walks, Patios, Drives

Do you have cracked or old worn walks, patio or dive. Let's give them a much needed redo. Let us show you some of the new up-to-date finishes.


There's always a Honey-do-list around the home to keep you busy for a while. Why not let us handle it for you. No hassel on your part!  Let us sweat the little things.  You go relax & enjoy your day...

Window Replacements 

Old, out of date or non-energy efficient windows need to be replaced with new instyle and energy efficient new windows. Save money on your energy bill with new energy efficient windows.


If you have sheet rock or paint damage, or maybe you just want 

something different, we can help! From minor paint touch-ups to scraping down textured ceilings and painting them smooth, we are the experts in interior finishing.


You deserve a beautiful back yard. And adding a gazebo will do just that. Build it new or let us spruce them up with repairs or replacement.


You deserve a beautiful back yard. And adding a beautiful deck will do just that. Build it new or let us spruce them up with repairs or replacement.

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment 

Life is too short to spend healing from an unneeded fall due to a slippery floor. We can treat those slippery floors in your home or business and make them anti-slip.

Gutters & Gutter Leaf Guards

Made for heavy leaf loads, pine needles & pollen. They install on existing 5" & 6" gutters. Low profile (won't affect curb appeal).  Minimum maintenance.


“I love my beautiful new garden home. My inspector said he hadn't seen a home this well built in years. You gave me quality and style, and all at a cost I could afford."

                                                                                                                                                      ​J. Watson, Madison, MS


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